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Behaviour Modification Training

At Peak K9 we believe that “bad dogs” don’t exist, however undesirable behaviours can be developed by some dogs due to prior experiences, genetic influence, improper socialization, etc. For this reason, all of our programs put a strong emphasis on a relationship-based approach, and a customized training plan to set up each individual dog for long-term success.

Our trainers help rehabilitate dogs suffering from severe anxiety, human aggression, dog aggression, reactivity, and more. Through a combined 10+ years of experience, we are able to assess each individual dog and develop the right training plan to rehabilitate them. Many behaviours develop due to unclear communication between the dog and their owner, therefore we focus on educating the owner as to why these behaviours arise, and clear communication techniques to ensure they can be successful after their program completion.

We offer the option of private lessons where our trainers work directly with the client to address concerning behaviours, whether that be on-site, or in-home. We also offer Board and Train programs, which allows us to spend multiple weeks with your dog rehabilitating unwanted behavioural issues and bringing out the best in your dog. Upon completion of our programs, we offer multiple follow up sessions to help ensure you and your dog are successful.

For program pricing and info, refer to our Board and Train or Private Training Section.