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Are you struggling with your dog’s behavioral

Peak K9 offers various dog training programs, with an emotion and relationship based approach.

Give us a call (519 551 7272) and we can help you choose the appropriate training program for your dog!



About Us


Kaitlin’s career in the dog training industry began in 2014, when she worked in a doggy daycare setting. She had countless hours to observe canine behaviour. She then progressed to working in the veterinary setting, where she completed her first aid and animal CPR training.

Kaitlin finished her apprenticeship under Wunder K9 soon after, this allowed her to have many hours of hands on experience training a multitude of different breeds of dogs, with various challenges and goals. Her apprenticeship and work experience are very valuable to her, as she learned all aspects of pet training, from behaviour modification, anxiety, aggression and more.


Beyond working with dogs professionally, Andrew has been a dog owner for his entire life. He personally understands the challenges dog owners can face, and has have a true passion for helping clients achieve the life they have envisioned for themselves and their dog.

His journey in the dog industry began with countless hours working in various dog kennels; absorbing information from many different sources. After completing numerous apprenticeships, he transitioned into becoming a full-time professional dog trainer.

Having worked in the dog industry for over three years, he has experience in advanced on and off-leash obedience, behaviour modification, puppy raising, and more.




What Is "Emotion & Relationship Based-Dog Training?

Simply put, emotion & relationship-based training is a balanced dog training approach focused on each individual dogs’ needs and character.

Changing the emotion of the dog using food, play and other high reward activities ensures both the dog and the handler are enjoying their sessions.

Our trainers develop a bond with each individual dog, which in turn helps your pet recieve new information, providing the best results

What Tools Do We Use?

In our training programs, we understand that every dog operates differently. For this reason it is essential that we have a variety of different tools. Through years of experience, we are able to asses each dog and determine the most suitable tool to ensure the dog and clients success. This may include, but is not limited to, slip leads, prong collar, E-collar, food/toys, play, we do our best to find what motivates each individual dog to ensure their success.

Do We Guarantee Results Upon Completion Of Our Programs?

We guarantee that we will achieve the results listed in each relative program. However, due to the many variables involved in dog behaviour, we cannot guarantee that these results will be upheld post completion of our programs.

The success of the dog post completing our program relies on the owner staying consistent with their dog’s training, and upholding the same standards that the trainer put in place during their program. We are committed to our client and their dogs long-term success, which is why we offer free private sessions upon completion of our programs, as well as post- program support to troubleshoot any problems our clients may experience throughout their dog’s life.

More On E-Collars?

E-collars, like many other tools, have evolved greatly since their invention. Modern e-collars are the clearest, gentlest, and most effective tool to aid in training your dog. They are the only tool currently that allows for clear communication between you and your dog wirelessly. Most people commonly think of off-leash recall when they see e-collars, but that is just one of the many uses for them. Electronic collars aid in taking your training to the next level with full reliability on and off leash! They also allow owners to discourage unwanted behaviours more consistently, clearly, and with the least amount of conflict between you and your dog

We exclusively use E-collar Technologies products. Their collars have intuitive controls and deliver consistent stimulation levels ensuring clear communication.

This tool, like any other dog training tool, or any tool for that matter can be abused. This is no different than any other tool as they all have the potential to be misused. However, when used by professional trainers who have an intimate understafding of learning theory, dog phycology, and practical use of pressure, they are the best tool available to us. We often use this analogy with clients; you can build a house with a hammer and nails, or with modern machinery, which would you choose? There are many different way to reach your goals, however we prefer to use the most humane, clear, and effective tools in our programs.

Can I Visit My Dog During Their Board & Train?

You are always welcome to visit your dog. Although we usually advise against it. Once your dog is placed with us, he/she will be under a regimented schedule. Visiting your dog may interupt this pattern therefor regressing their training until it is complete. During your dogs program, you will have the ability to track their progress via social media and, if requested, we can provide personalized updates through email/phone call.