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Kaitlin’s career in the dog training industry began in 2014, when she worked in a doggy daycare setting. She had countless hours to observe canine behaviour. She then progressed to working in the veterinary setting, where she completed her first aid and animal CPR training.

Kaitlin finished her apprenticeship under Wunder K9 soon after, this allowed her to have many hours of hands on experience training a multitude of different breeds of dogs, with various challenges and goals. Her apprenticeship and work experience are very valuable to her, as she learned all aspects of pet training, from behaviour modification, anxiety, aggression and more.

Kaitlin also has a personal connection with rescue as she has adopted and fostered for many years throughout her life, and works closely with them to rehabilitate behaviourally challenged dogs and find them suitable homes.

“My passion overall is to combine my various skills acquired from working in different aspects of dog care to help owners and their dogs understand eachother and build a meaningful relationship based on trust and communication, that lasts a lifetime.”

Beyond working with dogs professionally, Andrew has been a dog owner for his entire life. He personally understands the challenges dog owners can face, and has have a true passion for helping clients achieve the life they have envisioned for themselves and their dog.

His journey in the dog industry began with countless hours working in various dog kennels; absorbing information from many different sources. After completing numerous apprenticeships, he transitioned into becoming a full-time professional dog trainer.

Having worked in the dog industry for over three years, he has experience in advanced on and off-leash obedience, behaviour modification, puppy raising, and more. He was fortunate to be able to work for a working-K9 vendor, where he gained experience in raising K9’s for detection, dual-purpose, search and rescue, and more. “I believe that continuing to perfect my craft each day and constantly learning allows me to offer the best services to my clients.”